Macklemore Pigeon [x]



Macklemore Pigeon [x]


Who’d like some humidity? It’s free!


I normally don’t do this but since this fandom is so small and desperate times call for desperate measures, right?
If you’re in the LoA fandom, would you please like/reblog this so I can follow you? You don’t have to be a LoA-blog, I’ll also follow you if you only occasionally post LoA-things! Important: When I follow you, I will be called al-cantrez because this is only a sideblog!
If you want we can also talk and fangirl together!

In other completely unrelated news, there is no joint pain like the joint pain that comes from stringing together two complete sets of prayer beads in an hour. That was six hours ago and my hands still ache.

And I have one more set to go, yay!

So for the umpteenth time this year I’m doing the “hand feeding a kitten” thing. Somehow I’d forgotten how much sleep I lose doing this. Oh well, he (I think) seems to be doing well.



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    I literally just want to make him nourishing soups, buy him too-big flannel pyjamas and spend the rest of my time cuddling him while I tell him he deserves to be happy (I don’t know what that says about me either)

For those wondering where the nourishing soups tag comes from, you can thank snitling. I’m pretty sure that at one point or another in our quest to learn about  T.E.,  we have ALL wanted to make him nourishing soups. 

Also tea. Soup and tea.

You probably wouldn't get so much hate if you weren't a Christian and you didn't flirt so with people younger than yourself, this is appalling behavior for someone who claims to be religious and I bet it makes those young girls feel disgusted to have to deal with you.


I have no words

Hey anon! I’m about to turn 36 and in the process of deconverting from Christianity, but thanks for thinking I’m “young”.

PS I’ll take a man of faith who admits he’s human and has normal human urges over the hypocritical holier-than-thou bullshit I’ve seen for 30+ years, thanks.


I can never stop laughing at this


                   ~is shamelessly jumping aboard the bloody bandwagon~

Oh my God, perfect. Thank you. Guess what I’m watching this weekend.

What is your ultimate fantasy?


Financial stability.